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The development and adoption of renewable and sustainable energy and the production of materials based on based on biomass in biorefineries has become a top priority in Europe, and is Horizon 2020’s most prominent theme. Research in this field is required to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, and is reliant upon a flow of newly qualified persons in these areas. Biorefineries are the core of several important European policies, from the Strategic Energy Technology Plan Roadmap on Education and Training (SET-Plan) to the European Bioeconomy Strategy. European development in this prioritised field is stalled due to a lack of qualified personnel and poor linkage between professional training and industry needs. To address these problems, BioEnergyTrain brings together fifteen partners from six EU countries to create two new post-graduate level curricula (“Biorefinery Engineering” and “Bioresource Value Chain Mangagement”) and a network of tertiary education institutions, research centres, professional associations, and industry stakeholders encompassing the whole value chain of biorefineries.
Effective start/end date1/06/1531/05/19


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