BEYOND - Virtual Reality enabled energy services for smart energy systems

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The Austrian government is committed to accelerating the transition of its energy system and achieving CO2 neutrality by 2040. To achieve this goal, Austria must significantly step up its efforts to decarbonise all parts of its energy sector. Buildings account for about a third of the total energy demand. The government plans to phase out oil and coal heating systems by 2035 and limit the use of natural gas for heating in new buildings from 2025. Energy services such as predictive maintenance, demand-side management and model predictive control are central components for reducing the energy consumption of build-ings and transforming buildings into active, intelligent actors in higher-level energy sys-tems. The aim of BEYOND is to develop the technological foundation for “Next Generation En-ergy Services”, which is made possible by the interplay of the following technolo-gies: Virtual Reality for visualization and real-time interaction with the real building; Machine learning and physical simulation to show the real-life effects of interven-tions and decisions. IoT platforms for bidirectional real-time communication be-tween the building and its users. The technological developments are tested and evaluated on the basis of two use cases “Predictive Maintenance and Error Diagnosis” and “Human Aspects in Buildings”. Innovative companies in the field of energy services, building automation, simulation software and VR technology will benefit from the developments in BEYOND. Political decision-makers and end users will also benefit from the new possibilities of actively engaging with these next generation Energy Services.
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/10/23


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