BIC - Battery Innovation Center for production technology, quality control and industry 4.0

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Efficient design and flexible manufacturing of HV batteries in terms of chemistry, materials, geometries and batch sizes represent key challenges for e-mobility. Early consideration and safeguarding of efficient manufacturing processes in the development process are particularly important with regard to "affordable" e-mobility. In this context, the "Battery Innovation Center for Manufacturing Processes, Quality Assurance and Industry 4.0" aims to provide innovative facilities and equipment to establish a research center for production processes of high-voltage batteries and prototypes. This initiative benefits from two major innovation trends: electrification and industry 4.0. This proposal is part of a major project aimed at the development and operation of two assembly lines (battery module line and battery pack line). A core aspect is the efficient and flexible use of the innovative production facilities throughout the entire development and production process, especially with regard to production towards batch size one. The main challenges are (a) the correct integration of automation into the entire production process, (b) product improvement through design-to-process and design-to-quality approaches, (c) the management of flexibility for the efficient production of small and very small series, and (d) adaptation to different product designs based on industrialized cell types. The funding applied for is aimed at the development and acquisition of specialized innovative infrastructure, as well as the development of flexible production processes for the assembly of HV battery prototypes. The proposed hub will provide an industrially relevant R&D platform for battery production and thus promote innovation and competence growth along the entire value chain. This research hub will be used by various core technology vendors, potential customers and collaborative research initiatives for co-innovation. This activity will increase the region of Styria as well as Austria’s position in battery innovation. This activity is a continuation of previous national and European research projects and will increase the opportunities for participation in future European R&D initiatives to further exploit the investments made.
Effective start/end date1/09/1931/08/21


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