BIM-Zert - Standardized qualification and certification model for Building Information Modeling in Austria

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Building information Modeling (BIM) is the next directly queuing evolution step in the digital planning culture. But the establishment is restrained in the practical planning process by two central aspects: On the one hand BIM still finds no wider application basis among the partners in the planning process and, on the other hand, the understanding of BIM is extremely different with the potential users. BIM-Zert sits down to the aim to perform a relevant contribution (article) while overcoming these both central obstacles. Therefore a user-specific education draft independent of product is developed, whose conclusion represents an internationally valid certification for user of Building information Modeling. Aim of BIM-Zert is going out from at present in Austria in the area digital construction process ruling qualification level to familiarize the participants participants with the strongly networked and interdisciplinary planning process BIM oriented to process, and to be able to use the necessary tools (in the special one the processes(lawsuits)) in own area profitably.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/08/20


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