BioPersMed - Biomarkers for personalized medicine in common metabolic disorders

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It is generally agreed that a significant investment in the development of a new generation of biomarkers will be essential in order to enable more efficient and cost- effective use of medical resources and to tackle the explosively increasing socio- economic costs associated with common metabolic disorders (up to 4OYo yearly) such as diabetes, cardiovascular and liver disease. Recognising this urgent imperative, the BioPersMed project will bring together an excellent group of industry and an internationally recognised interdisciplinary team of researchers in Graz who will pursue the systematic and integrated discovery, validation and proof-of-principle utilisation of biomarkers in metabolic disorders in the Areas of endocrinology, hepatology and vascular cardiology. lmplementation will be highly structured and employ state-of-the-art analytical methods, data analysis and interpretation tools and advanced imaging methods for biomarker detection. A unique feature of BioPersMed is moreover its access to one of Europe's largest Biobanks, which contains a broad spectrum of samples and associated structured data and thus provides a solid basis for biomarker discovery and translational research
Effective start/end date1/05/1030/06/15


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