BioPolyComp - Biochar polymer composites with specific properties for innovative applications in material technology

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Char originating from biomass can be used among others as a bio-filler in the production of bio-polymer compounds with enhanced characteristics. The advantage is twofold: firstly, improving the mechanical, thermal and dielectrical properties of composites and secondly, utilizing organic residues from biomass gasification processes. This approach could be extended to other biochar production technologies such as pyrolysis or hydrothermal carbonization when wastes are used as feedstock. Chars are very different among each other. Initial feedstock, gasification technology, gasification agent and operating conditions strongly affect the final characteristics of the biochar. In order to assess the best set of properties for biochar to be used in biopolymer compound applications, the production of innovative biochar-based polymers and their preliminary characterization are fundamental.
Effective start/end date13/02/2012/02/23


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