BIOSURF - Development and implementation of a contact biocide polymer for its application as antimicrobial and anti-deposit surfaces in the food industry

  • Noormofidi, Nadja (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Bradacs, Evamaria (Co-Investigator (CoI))

Project: Research project

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There is a common need for preventing and eradicating microbial contamination across the supply and production chain in the food industry, especially in the food processing and packaging industries in the EU. Therefore, it is important that all surfaces which come in close contact with food and foodstuffs are free of potentially hazardous micro-organisms. Compared to conventional antimicrobial agents, polymeric biocide materials compounded in different thermoplastic and non-thermoplastic surfaces have the advantages of being non-volatile, chemically stable and do not release degradation products of low molecular weight into the environment. Within the scope of BIOSURF aminofunctionalised norbornene-based polymers will be developed for their implementation as biocide antimicrobial and anti-deposit surfaces in different applications in food industries. Furthermore, anti-deposit and antimicrobial monitoring modules will be developed, in order to access the efficiency of the biocidic surfaces in their antimicrobial and anti-deposit characteristic. In addition, the project will implement, test and optimise under real production conditions the biocide surfaces in combination with the monitoring modules in order to achieve marketable products. The R&D activities will be based on initial patent-protected concepts developed by KEKELIT and LAGOTEC (SME participants). The project is centred on complementary technological issues and innovation needs of the participating SMEs, for which further R&D activities from joint initial research represent a clear exploitation potential for the businesses. KEKELIT manufactures plastic equipment for different industrial applications such as plastic pipe systems, pipe insulation and pre-insulated pipes. LAGOTEC develops industrial monitoring technologies (biofilm control/microbial plant safety) and COASA is specialized in the production, packaging and distribution of farmhouse cheese, honey, jams, canned food and cider.
Effective start/end date1/06/0931/05/11


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