Business Modeling - Methodology and Design Models (dissertation)

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    Business environments are characterized by continuous change and an increase of complexity. A structured transformation of an organization offers the chance, to install and secure a unique long-term competitive position. Therefore the process of business modeling is an increasing challenge for organization engineers and managers. But the transformation of organizations is a complex undertaking. At present 50-70% of all transformation efforts in organizations fail. Based on theoretical and empirical studies this thesis deducts: Which recommendations and methodologies can be given to experts to receive better results in future business modeling projects? Which are the most important factors and parameters for the structure of a process oriented organization? This thesis presents the Grazer Concept which includes two specific models and a comprehensive step-by-step-framework for designing high performance organizations. Business Modelling is thereby a team-oriented approach, for analyzing, defining and designing organizational structures and business processes. This thesis presents a step-by-step work-logic, the 7m-masterplan, with a set of "How to do's" for modeling and implementing business processes. Additionally the thesis contains the Grazer Model including process cascades and segmentation for determining a business process oriented organization structure. The Process Model describes five generic parameters.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9331/01/97


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