CASVI - Cognitive Aspects of Scalable Visual Interfaces

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The objectives of this strategic research project mainly correspond to the three research objectives of the Knowledge Visualization Area - Assisted Analytics, Knowledge Interfaces, Immersive Analytics – and span the cross cutting aspects of large scale visual data analysis and cognitive processes in interaction with data. Objective 1 – Assisted Analytics for Large Scale Data: investigate models of human interaction with data in analytical processes. These models describe user behaviour in interactive systems leading towards discovery of new knowledge (such as trends, correlations or interdependencies). We will explore how to utilize these models for providing intelligent assistance to users performing visual analysis of large scale data. Objective 2 – Cognitive Aspects of Knowledge Interfaces: investigate the models driving exploration and production on knowledge repositories. These models describe and attempt to predict the behavior of people in knowledge intensive tasks such as learning a new topic, writing a scientific article, etc. We use our interactive interfaces to collect usage data and fit models to established cognitive models studied in cognitive psychology. Objective 3 – Cognitive Aspects of Human Augmentation Interfaces: investigate models of human behavior derived from sensors. These models describe how people interact with machinery from sensors attached to the machinery or the human or both. The models aim to support development of interfaces, for example in personalizing human interfaces using sensors, or predicting human decisions to streamline the interaction with complex systems. Objective 4 – Evaluation of Selected Services Including Test Deployments to Friendly Users: build and evaluate models by gathering feedback from test users on a larger scale through test-deployments of selected technologies and services.
Effective start/end date1/01/2031/12/20


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