CESEPS - Co-Evolution of Smart Energy Products and Services

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To develop a viable market for residential smart energy systems, the (re)design of innovative product-service combinations in smart grids must be more responsive to the demands of various stakeholders in terms of performance, costs, reliability, durability and comfort. Therefore, our proposal focus on interdisciplinary research on stakeholders practices, users energy behavior, local trading of energy, customer driven products, demand side management, local production of sustainable electricity, e-mobility and forecasting techniques in the Netherlands and Austria. We will look into existing and new smart grid pilots in these two countries. The existing pilots, more than 10, are typically residential smart grid pilots. The novel demonstration projects happen to be in the field of e-vehicles and their charging by solar power, fuel cells and existing means from the grid. The findings will be compared at a transnational level to boost the innovation process across national boundaries.
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/01/19


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