ClimCatch - Impact of climate changes on sediment yield of alpine cathments

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The project ClimCatch investigates the torrential sediment transport in a non-glaciated Alpine valley (Schöttlbachtal, Styria) and the related natural hazards under the viewpoint of ongoing climate change. Our aims are to derive a quantitative sediment budget model, including (1) geomorphic process domains, temporary sediment stores and their coupling and decoupling; (2) sediment transport in the river system including measurement of bedload output; and (3) a downscaled model of future precipitation parameters. These three project parts enable us to develop a future sediment budget model of the Schöttlbach taking into account the changing sediment fluxes in response to climate change. The consequent interaction and cooperation with local decision makers (e.g. WLV) is a key factor in the project.
Effective start/end date1/04/1231/12/16


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