coldHEAT - Integrative analysis for spatially and techno-economic assesment of cold district heating

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Increasing energy efficiency in new buildings and refurbishing the old building stock causes decreasing heat demand densities in settlement areas. This is a desirable development, but also leads to problems in the economic application of district heating concepts. In this context, cold district heating is an innovative and promising approach to the gridbased supply of heating, and partially cooling, which demonstrated an interesting alternative in regard to the existing and future challenges for the urban energy system. Cold district heating supports a more efficient use of heat sources at low temperature levels, as well as the integration of fluctuating energy sources by "Power 2 Heat". Thus, increasing the share of renewable energies in district heating networks and the flexibilization of the urban energy system are supported by the application of this concept. The project’s target is the consolidation and application of an integrative analysis framework. This framework is developed and applied as example for the city of Klagenfurt, specific on the example on a new planning region within the city area, and otherwise for the city of Weiz on the basis of a model area with existing building stock.
Effective start/end date1/03/1628/02/17


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