Computerized Acute Heart Rejection Monitoring (CHARM) by Telemonitoring of Epimyocardial Electrograms

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A computer-assisted method has been developed and evaluated that is based on advanced pacemaker technology, i.e. a dual-channel pacemaker with telemetry for the transmission of intramyocardial electrograms in combination with fractally coated electrodes. Hospitals in different countries participate in clinical studies and transmit their electrograms which include information concerning heart rejection via Internet to Graz. After signal processing and parameter extraction the hospitals request, on the same, way the complete patient report for the whole post-transplantation period. Recent results provide some evidence that this method may be utilized for tailored immuno-suppressive therapy management since the intramyocardial electrograms reflect both episodes of rejection and infection. not assigned KP: 10 Kliniken in Europa sowie Nord- und Südamerika
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/01/03


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