Construction operations and contracting of foundation engineering works

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Construction techniques in foundation engineering distinguish themselves in organizational and contractual respect from the majority of the building trades. Commercial specialities of this sector of engineering are described and discussed in this project. Aspects of contract laws are interpreted on the basis of clauses and the terms of tender issued by VÖBU. A link to the Austrian standard B 2110, edition march 2002, is established. Further the significant influence of specifications on the contractual structure and therefore on the execution of construction works is explained. The relevant chapter on “standards” gives an overview of the development of Austrian and international standardisation and illustrates the legal importance of contractual and technical standards in Austria. Apart from measured quantities a properly conducted documentation of construction works is necessary for the proof of a duly executed work. Checklists for detailed production planing of foundation engineering works are included as well.
Effective start/end date15/08/0228/02/03


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