Critical Success Factors in e-business (dissertation)

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    The following research work tries to analyse and determine the factors that impact the success of e-business projects. The entire goal of this study can be understood as a process of finding scientifically explained answers to the following research questions: 1. How can we determine and measure success in e-business? 2. Which are the most important critical success factors in e-business? 3. What recommendation can be given to the practitioners (guidelines for the practice)? The theoretical part basically tries to create a system to approach the research of e-business and its applications in the industry and is mainly descriptive in nature.The second part uses empirical induction to derive hypotheses on critical success factors in e-business and further empirically verify the validity of these hypotheses. Hypotheses are developed throughobservation generalisation of particular phenomena and relations among them and then verified on a limited selected (representative) sample of business cases. The final conclusion are success factors in e-business presented in form of guidelines for practicioners.
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