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International Scientific Conferences in Communications, Networks and Systems. Since 2008 international Technical Co-Sponsored IEEE conferences were organized at IBK (4410) and IHF (4510) at TU Graz. 2008 the CSNDSP 08 started as first international event in this topic. Later the ConTEL 2011, the NOC 2013, the ICTON 2014 and the ConTEL 2015 were held in Graz. 2016 the CoBCom 2016 was initiated at TU Graz as a new conference. The next years followed by the INMMiC 2017, the CoBCom 2018, the ConTEL 2019 and the CoBCom 2020. Co-operations with local and regional organisations and industry, and support of the City of Graz, the Country of Styria (Land Steiermark) and Graz Tourism made / make the conferences successful. The CoBCom 2020 was organized under Covid in Hybrid Mode, ... later the CoBCom 2022 and the ConTEL 2023 were held on Site again at TU Graz.
Effective start/end date7/01/0831/01/29


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