Data Collection Manual for the OECD/Eurostat Joint Questionnaire on Inland Waters (Lot 2)

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The Questionnaires on the State of the Environment are an attempt to set up world-wide coherent data collections on the main environmental issues. The data collection was first established in 1980 by OECD, and Eurostat joined this exercise in 1988. The UN Statistical Division set up an environmental data collection on a more reduced level but entirely compatible with the Joint OECD/Eurostat Questionnaire. The Questionnaire on Inland Waters is one of the nine questionnaires and covers one of the most sensitive environmental topics. The Data Collection Manual (version 1.0) was established by Eurostat in 2004 in order to provide guidance, best practices and standards in collecting, estimating and compiling the data required by the Joint Questionnaire. It delivers a comprehensive description of the terminology and methodology for water statistics including the different natural and anthropogenic processes in the water cycle, from internal resources generation to water abstractions and discharges. Based on version 1.0 and users-feedback, an adapted version (version 2.0) of the Data Collection Manual was established in 2006. This new version takes users feedback into consideration and aims at providing more user-friendliness. Among others, one focus of the Data Collection Manual (version 2.0) is the provision of detailed numerical examples. The project participation of Graz University of Technology (Institute of Urban Water Management) concentrated on data aquisition aspects of public water supply (tables 2 & 3 in the Joint Questionnaire).
Effective start/end date1/02/0630/09/06


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