DC-Kabel MGÜ - Use of extruded AC cables for MVDC systems

Project: Research project

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Literature research on the use of extruded AC cables in MVDC:
- Realized projects
- Technical characteristics of the cable systems used
- Influence of space charges and field inversion
- Conversion of AC cable systems to DC operation
- Use of new AC cable systems for MVDC
- Orientational high voltage tests on AC cables and AC cable fittings
- Test program based on CIGRE TB 496
- load cycles (LC)
- load cycles with polarity change (LC + PR)
- permanent loads (ZL, HL)
- superimposed pulse voltages (S / IMP)
- Further tests by appointment
- Provision of the test objects
- Project meetings (by appointment)
- Reporting
Effective start/end date16/07/1831/12/18


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