DDMas - Digitizing the design of masonry structures

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The aim of the project is to development a computational model for the design of masonry structures, in particular using FEM methods and 3D building models. In the future, the dimensioning of masonry buildings should be as economic and user-friendly as it is already standard for reinforced concrete or timber constructions. The challenge lies in the conception of a reliable calculation model in which the user can realistically simulate the characteristic properties of brick constructions. For this purpose, research focuses on the implementation of a special FE element, which can also reliably represent the non-linear behaviour of brickwork and different brick products. The result of the digital calculations must correlate to the real physical load tests. Therefore, data records of physical case studies are evaluated. The research will also consider promising planning methods such as building information modelling.
Effective start/end date1/07/1830/06/20


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