DEEMIR - Design Evaluation of Electrical Machines Including Random parameter variations

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Within the framework of this research project, numerical techniques will be developed which allow for the evaluation of the dynamical behavior of electrical machines. Especially the vibrations and load distribution in potentially critical operating states are of concern. In combination with experimental verification of the numerical results the proposed method should give guidance for the development of electrical machines. One special focus lies on the evaluation of new concepts for the stator core stack, which is important for the vibrational behavior of the electrical machine. The investigated design concepts address novel ways of holding the laminated iron-silzium sheets of the stator together. In this context, for a good design of the machine two topics need to be addressed during the investigation: First, the vibrations of the stator core stack caused directly by electromagnetic forces should be small. Therefore, the influence of prestressing, adjustable with the tension rods, and the design of the housing framework are the key points for the investigation. Secondly, the force distribution in the stator core stack should be improved compared to existing designs. The analysis starts with a deterministic model and then includes the effects of random parameter variations in a second step.
Effective start/end date1/04/1431/03/17


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