DesRes - Digital Erasmus- Resilient Building Design using Performance Simulation

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The project entitled 'Digital Erasmus - a roadmap to using building performance simulation to achieve resilient design' responds to the context of safe and remote student learning by seeking to transform the student learning experience in disciplines for built environments. Our aim is to develop a dynamic, experiential methodology that aims to maximise student engagement and learning opportunities in a digital and transnational environment. We hope to create an environment that promotes diversity and equality and encourages the inclusion and participation of underrepresented groups. To achieve this, we plan to create a safe yet challenging learning environment where students are exposed to new ways of thinking and working. These provide a framework for peers to meet, collaborate and learn with and from each other regardless of geography. The learning format combines live data streams from real buildings with the use of validated simulation models of the same buildings to create a highly realistic and interactive learning environment. This concept helps overcome the barriers that can arise from the lack of site visits and studio tutorials, which are essential for experiential learning in the built environment. This learning format is designed to engage students in real-world problem solving and experimentation, in line with the requirements of master's degree programmes.
Effective start/end date1/03/2128/02/23


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