Development and Application of an Consultancy Model to Promote Sustainable Building Design

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Builders that are interested in ecological building design and an increased use of re-newable energy are confronted with many uncommon questions from different ar-eas. It is often difficult to find experts or consultants for these questions and the re-sults are not always consistent. Most common the information given is not in de-pendent from products. The goal of the project is to build up a pool of experts from different areas (like build-ing physics, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), solar systems, ecological building design, acoustics etc.) that can be addressed as one common partner. The different expertise can be delivered in short guided consultancy meetings to the builder or owner. The experts team (maximum 4 Persons) will be put together indi-vidually according to the needs of the project and assists the normal planning process to enhance the sustainability of the building. The areas buildings physics, energy technology, and ecology are fixed elements in every meeting. The results of the meet-ings (evaluation, proposed solutions, acceptance of solutions) will be made available for planning as written reports. The developed consultancy model could be a basis for a general Austrian consul-tancy network for sustainable buildings. not assigned GG: BMVIT "Haus der Zukunft", FFF
Effective start/end date1/06/0330/11/04


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