Development of a Preprocessing Modul for FE-Programs to Calculate the Residual Stresses in Welded Components

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    The submitted work deals with the mathematical investigation in moreaxial residual welding stresses. Based on fundamental papers of Boulton, Lance and Machnenko an enlarged strainbar hypotheses has been developed and transfered into a PC-program. The subroutine covering material-properties has been programmed with a temperature dependant characteristics of unalloyed steels. The computational modul dealing with the relative distortions due to heat handels the microstructual influences by means of a static temperature-dependent function of structuretransforming. The results are: a) welding temperature field; deformations and residual stresses during the welding process b) residual deformations and residual stresses on completely cooled welded components after welding Due to the findings of this work it is getting possible to develop a triaxial problemsolving for residual stresses.
    Effective start/end date1/02/9531/07/15


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