Development of Al-Flux-Cored Wire (MCL-J6)

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Based on a literature study and the investigation of available welding consumables like electrodes for manual metal arc welding or powder for submerged arc welding the most important filling ingredients should be deduced and a composition for aluminum metal cored wires and further on flux cored wires should be developed. The focus should be directed towards potential fluxes and slag compositions. Welding aluminum causes special problems like the necessity of removing the oxide layer, porosity or hot cracking. These have to be taken in consideration. To investigate the welding properties droplet transfer and weld pool behaviour should be recorded with a high speed camera and the electrical signals at the torch should be measured synchronously. When a satisfying welding behaviour is achieved the mechanical and technological properties should be optimized.
Effective start/end date1/10/0230/09/05


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