Development of biomass CHP plant based on a 4 cylinder Stirling engine

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Within previous projects a CHP technology based on a 4 cylinder Stirling engine has been developed. The aim of the project is, to solve still existing problems in order to guarantee a secure operation and high availability of a CHP plant based on a Stirling engine. Furthermore, the electric efficiency of the CHP technology should be increased from 10-13% to 15-20% by appropriate measures. This task mainly comprises the optimisation of the furnace with respect to the application of a Stirling engine, the further improvement of certain components of the Stirling engine as well as the development of a process control system tailored to the efforts of the combination of a biomass combustion unit with a Stirling engine. The overall aim of the project is to develop, based on the 30 kWel Stirling engine, Stirling engines for a capacity range up to 100 kWel.
Effective start/end date1/04/0330/03/05


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