DGT - Dynamic Ground Truth

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The development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems) and ADF (Automated Driving Functions) differs significantly from the development of other functions in vehicles by the type of sensors, methods used and their evaluation. However, for all developers of these functions, similar questions arise regarding a reference against which the vehicle sensor system can be verified and validated. This project demonstrates the applicability, commissioning and testing of a mobile test and reference system for ADAS / ADF, which is monitored, evaluated and supported in the development of automatic driving systems. Such a system would not only help the developer and tester directly in the vehicle, but also enable the software developer to efficiently transfer the scenarios recorded in road traffic to the simulation. In addition, certification companies can also use this measurement technology to investigate the functionality and quality of automated vehicles and their functions independently of the vehicle sensors.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/12/21


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