DIANA - Wireless Broadband Networks

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The aim of this project, sponsored by Telekom Austria, is the investigation and implementation of a wireless broadband network providing broadband access over a cellular radio-link infrastructure. Possibilities for the realisation of the "last mile" access using wireless technologies will be demonstrated. LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution System) technology, using frequencies in the 40 GHz band, enables users to access telecommunication and digital television networks with high data rates and provides high-speed Internet access. The broadcast channel, conforming to the DVB-S (Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite) standard, can be used to develop new services, which are based, to a large extent, on multicast applications. Cellular wireless broadband networks have the advantage of lower investment costs compared to cable infrastructure. Advanced modulation, forward-error correction coding and especially multi access techniques are studied and implemented to utilise the channel capacity efficiently and to provide reliable communications channels. Based on the results, a modem is being implemented, taking into consideration advanced coding algorithms and the MF-TDMA access scheme. A 40 GHz network has been set up to demonstrate advanced multi-service applications and to optimise the system.
Effective start/end date1/09/9930/04/02


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