DIGIVID - Digital Competences Unleashed: Education and Training of Digital Competences in the era of CoVid-19

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Information literacy and digital competences must be considered as a fundamental competency like the ability to read, write and calculate. The UNESCO considers it “a basic human right” while the American Library Association calls it a “survival skill in the information age”. In the digital era, information literacy and digital competences are a social key competence in technology-enhanced learning settings as well as in educational/professional environments. This holds especially true during the CoVID-19 pandemic, where on short notice a sudden shift from conventional face-to-face teaching and learning to digital online teaching and learning took place. This shift poses challenges especially for lecturers/teachers as well as (teacher-)students, who have to suddenly orient themselves in a completely new situation of teaching and learning. In the DIGIVID project, we focus on the education of lecturers, in-service teachers and teacher-students at universities and Teacher Colleges in Austria, Germany and Norway, to educate them to become information literate and digital-savvy to ensure high quality of teaching and learning in online teaching and learning environments. To do so, the objectives of the project are as follows: We will develop the DIGIVIDget, a widget that presents the DIGIVID online teaching and learning curriculum based upon the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (DigComp 2.1) and the European Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) in a sophisticated way. DIGIVID empowers lecturers, teachers and teacher-students to learn on (desktop-)PCs or time and place-independent on their mobile devices to prepare them for the demands of today’s information society and digital teaching and learning contexts like those caused by the CoVID-19 pandemic.
Effective start/end date1/05/2130/04/23


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