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The DIH SÜD initiative was launched by institutions from the provinces of Styria, Carinthia, Burgenland and East Tyrol to provide the best possible support to SMEs in Austria's southern region in the digital transformation taking place in the coming years. The consortium, which spans the provinces and industries, consists of five digital centres, which are central players in the regional research and innovation system. In addition to the digital centres, the consortium consists of numerous network partners, multipliers and third-party providers. A service package has been put together that includes the thematic focal points of (i) production & manufacturing technologies, (ii) security, (iii) data science - knowledge from data, (iv) digital business models & processes, (v) logistics and the cross-cutting topic of (x) human resources & young talent, the latter of which is dedicated to promoting young people with targeted qualification and motivation measures. The measures offered by DIH SÜD, based on the experience and competences of the partners, range from the implementation of information events, innovation and technology consulting activities, implementation of qualification measures to support in the development of innovations. The initial situation has already been thoroughly examined and the results show that the digital transformation is fraught with great uncertainties for companies. The direct effects of the digital transformation, the future needs and competences and above all the opportunities are very often underestimated, especially among SMEs. This is also due to information and knowledge gaps - new, digital technologies are complex, sometimes require high investment costs and often accompanying training and further education measures. Risks, challenges and opportunities can often hardly be objectively assessed by SMEs. The establishment of DIH SÜD closes a still existing gap in the development of DIHs in Austria and will support the SMEs of the Southern Austria region with know-how, networking and infrastructure in the coming years. Many successful projects have already been implemented in cooperation with companies, and the goal of the Digital Innovation Hub SÜD is to further expand these successful activities. Digital Innovation Hub SÜD. DIHs form contact and intermediary points for SMEs that require SMEs that need support with the digital transformation.
Effective start/end date1/04/2131/03/24


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