Drying, Pyrolysis and Combustion/Gasification of Large Fuel Particles

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In order to predict the single processes drying, pyrolysis and combustion/gasification of large solid fuel particles, the computer program PARSIM was developed. It takes account of the changing material properties, effects of mass and heat transfer as well as the formation of product species by chemical reactions. A thermogravimetric analyser for large particles is applied for the experimental investigation of the processes and for the validation of the simulation results. The product gases are simultaneously analysed by means of FTIR- and NDIR-spectrometers as well as FID. Because of the detailed mathematical description of the processes, the computer program can be adapted to a wide range of operational conditions (e.g. fluidised beds, grate firings, ...).
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/03


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