DVB-T - Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial

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DVB-T, the terrestrial version of digital video broadcasting in Europe, adds a new dimension to the medium: mobility and interactivity. The first trial for DVB-T in Austria took place in 2003, having the participating institutes as important contributors in the field trial. The main research areas comprised the investigation of the portable indoor-/outdoor reception of DVB-T in the urban area (using a special propagation measurement vehicle provided by ESA), the analysis of measured data and comparison with coverage simulations. In 2004, the field trial for interactive television (!TV4Graz) took place, focusing on testing interactive applications developed with MHP technology (Multimedia Home Platform) in respect to the compatibility with the current generation of Settop Boxes (STBs). Recently, in the context of students thesis works, a server based playout system for multimedia video presentations as well as an interactive MHP platform for the provision of interactive services were developed.
Effective start/end date1/05/0331/12/09


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