Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the modern generic term for a problematic nature, existing since the beginning of electrical engineering and since then constantly rising. Under the name EMC, well-know subjects as radio interferences, mains reaction, overvoltages, influence, 50 Hz-ripple, ground loops, lightning etc. gather round. Recently EMC-questions have reached a particular significance by the application of microelectronics in automation systems and motorcars, by the application of computer-controlled electronic measuring technique as well as of highly sensitive electronic equipment in medical engineering. Also the general rising of the electromagnetic environmental pollution plays a part in EMC.Therefore the European Commission worked for an EMC-guideline in the year 1989. The demand of this guidline is that all electrical and electronic equipment has to carry out conditions, reducing the probability that a device will disturb or is disturbed. The field EMC is very extensively, because every device or combination of devices is concerned. The noise problems arise in many different apperarances, nevertheless it is shown that this diversity can be reduced to a limited number of fundamental problems. Just the analysis of these problems is important, to solve the EMC-problems starting from the right point.
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