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Future transportation will be based on smart, wirelessly connected, tightly interacting, highly automated or even completely autonomous vehicles and support infrastructure. Throughout the next decade autonomous cars in particular are even considered to be one of the 10 most disruptive technologies with revolutionary impact on life, society and economy. Today's Embedded Automotive Systems already drive about 90% of the innovation in the automotive sector, and the corresponding Electronic Control Units already account for about 40% of the total vehicle development expenses. These numbers will keep growing along with an increasing complexity of the involved distributed computing systems and the high expectations on next-generation vehicles. To tackle the various existing problems and upcoming challenges, the the EAS working group covers the holistic research area "Automotive Hardware/Software/Networks" with a special focus on computer architectures (multi-core processors), system software (operating systems), and vehicular networks (self-organizing wireless communication) with the goal to conduct basic and applied research for dependable and efficient transportation.
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