Energy efficient ventilation of office buildings

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This project focuses on the following research questions: How energy efficient is mechanical ventilation in office buildings compared to a conventional window ventilation? Are the planning characteristics being used for mechanical ventilation system reasonable? If openable windows are planned in an office building, is an additional mechanical ventilation required in case of extreme outdoor air conditions and how economic or ecologic is to provide one? if a mechanical ventilation is provided for the implementation in case of extreme outdoor air conditions, how economic and ecologic is it, to provide additional window ventilation, which potentially due to wind and acoustic problems have to be constructed costly with a double-faade, automatic control etc. Are there any solutions in the form of hybrid systems, what advantages of both systems (window ventilation, mechanical ventilation) can possibly be merged? what would be the requirements for such a hybrid system and what could it look like? It has been proved that mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, like they are being built in many European countries in the context of saving energy, are often not very reasonable in terms of energy as the saved (heating) energy is being compensated by the amount of additional electrical energy. Moreover solutions for systems with natural ventilation of very high and very deep buildings respectively as well as hybrid systems which combine the benefits of mechanical and natural ventilation in one system discussed.
Effective start/end date1/01/0531/12/05


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