EU - AMARSI - Adaptive Modular Architecture for Rich Motor Skills

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Motor skills of humans and animals are still utterly astonishing when compared to robots. AMARSi aims at a qualitative jump in robotic motor skills towards biological richness.
AMARSi focuses on:
* compliant mechanics
* morphological computation
* human and robotic motor control: comparison
* damage-robust, safe, fast and flexible motion
* learning (unsupervised, reinforcement and imitation learning)
* dynamical neural models
* unifying locomotion and manipulation
AMARSi' objective: the experimentation and demonstration of rich motor skills on the iCub humanoid robot and on the quadruped Cheetah. Rich motor skills in robots will have a tremendous impact on our society. Dexterous and skillful motion in robots will make them more suitable for a large number of tasks. The compliant and natural movements will make them blend into everyday routines, safe and psychologically acceptable.
Effective start/end date1/03/1028/02/14


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