EU - DP700-Phase 1 - Preparation for Commercial Demonstration Plant for 700oC Operation

Project: Research project

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PF-fired hyper super critical (HSC), also known as advanced ultra super critical (A-USC), power plant is able to reach 50-55% net (LHV) efficiency thereby decreasing the specific power plant CO2 emissions; however HSC plant development entails large technical and commercial risk. This project aims to bring together EU knowledge and experience on high temperature boiler materials and components suitable for HSC operation, thereby reducing these risks. This consolidation of knowledge will lead into the design, build and operation of a full scale 1000MW demonstration plant, under a follow on project, allowing EU companies to have a head start in these new markets. Phase 1 is the knowledge capture phase with Phase 2 being the design build and operation of a full scale 1000MW demonstration plant. Phase 2 will be subject of a follow on project from this Phase 1 project.
Effective start/end date1/07/1631/03/18


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