EU - Felicitas - Fuel cell power trains and clustering in heavy-duty transports

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    The FELICITAS consortium proposes an Integrated Project to develop fuel cell (FC) drive trains fuelled with both hydrocarbons and hydrogen. The proposed development work focuses on producing FC systems capable of meeting the exacting demands of heavy-duty transport for road, rail and marine applications. These systems will be: -Highly efficient, above 60% -Power dense, -Powerful units of 200kW plus, -Durable, robust and reliable. Two of the FC technologies most suitable for heavy-duty transport applications are Polymer Electrolyte FuelCells (PEFC) and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). Currently neither technology is capable of meeting the wide ranging needs of heavy-duty transport either because of low efficiencies, PEFC, or poor transient performance, SOFC. FELICITAS proposes the development of high power Fuel Cell Clusters (FCC) that group FC systems with other technologies, including batteries, thermal energy and energy recuperation. The FELICITAS consortium will first undertake the definition of the requirements on FC power trains for the different heavy-duty transport modes. This will lead to the development of FC power train concepts, which through the use of advanced multiple simulations, will undertake evaluations of technical parameters, reliability and life cycle costs. Alongside the development of appropriate FC power trains the consortium will undertake fundamental research to adapt and improve existing FC and other technologies, including gas turbines, diesel reforming and sensor systems for their successful deployment in the demanding heavy-duty transport modes. %This research work will combine with the FC power trains design and simulation work to provide improved components and systems, together with prototypes and field testing where appropriate. The FELICITAS consortium approach will substantially improve European FC and associated technology knowledge and know-how in the field of heavy-duty transport.
    Effective start/end date1/04/0531/03/08


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