EU - FibreNet - A Training Network on Designing Novel Bio-based Fibre Products for Targeted Advanced Properties and New Applications

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FibreNet will train young fibre-professionals having multidisciplinary view to develop sustainable bio-based fibre products with tailored properties for different application fields in both academic and non-academic sectors. Bio-based fibre products are one of the corner-stones in the European bio-based industry corresponding to 12% of the employment in manufacturing. The industry, including such sectors as packaging, paper, biocomposites and biomedical and hygienic textiles, is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation in order to respond to the competition raised i) by low-wage countries and ii) by fossil-based materials. A common consensus in Europe is that to remain competitive and sustain the bio-based fibre industries in Europe, we should focus on developing new high added value products that have specific functionalities but reduced environmental impacts. In fibre-based products, developing new properties and improving the performance are, however, typically long and timeconsuming processes. They usually involve massive and expensive laboratory and pilot-scale trials, which are followed by statistical analyses. There is a particular knowledge gap in understanding the influence of fibre and fibre interface propertieson the mechanical properties of the end-product especially when developing products with tailored performance and functionalities. In addition to the research gap, there is a training gap in Europe, as we do not currently have a training programme which would educate professionals having a skill set needed for the fibre-centered approach that we propose in FibreNet. To fill the research and training gaps, we propose here a unique training and research network which provides and further develops knowhow, methods and tools in functionalization, characterization, numerical modelling and production of biobased fibre products at multiple length scales. The network covers expertise on packaging, paper, biocomposites and biomedical textiles.
Effective start/end date1/12/1730/11/21


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