EU - GenFC - Generic Fuel Cell Modelling Environment

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    The GenFC proposal addresses the topic 'Generic tools for FC systems modelling, testing, safety and quality assurance' under the activity code SUSTDEV-1.2.1: Fuel cells including their applications. It falls into research activities having an impact in the medium to long term. The overall goal of GenFC is to provide a generic modelling tool to fuel cell and fuel cell systems developers making fuel cell modelling expert knowledge available to all of them. The fuel cell and fuel cell systems developers can use this tool to improve and accelerate fuel cell development and to contribute to a future success of the fuel cell technology. It is believed that from the fuel cell (hardware) developer's point of view, a fuel cell modelling environment is desirable which can be used for simulation tasks exactly catering to the demand of the application engineer. The integrated modelling tool will assist fuel cell developers to improve their design- and optimisation processes in terms of accelerating development cycles, lowering costs, improving quality and hence also safety. The user of such a modelling environment will be able to choose through a user-friendly interface a model out of a set of different types of fuel cells. Each type of fuel cell will be available in different implementations and each implementation is suitable for a particular application. The consortium consists of fuel cell technology developers, specific software providers, software engineers and fuel cell model users. Existing and in the course of the project to be developed models and hardware in the loop systems for different types of fuel cells on all levels from system integration, via stack and cell down to electrode processes, are integrated in the tool and interfaced with a common data-base for process and design parameters. GenFC can help establish a competitive fuel cell industry in Europe contributing to the great challenge of migrating from a fossil fuel based economy to a sustainable one.
    Effective start/end date1/10/0530/09/08


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