EU - HyMethShip - Hydrogen-Methanol Ship propulsion system using onboard pre-combustion carbon capture’

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The proposed HyMethShip (Hydrogen-Methanol Ship Propulsion System Using On-board Pre-combustion Carbon Capture) project reduces drastically emissions and improves the efficiency of waterborne transport at the same time. This system will be developed, validated, and demonstrated on-shore with an engine in the range of 2 MW typical for marine application. The HyMethShip system will achieve a reduction in CO2 of more than 97% and will practically eliminate SOx and PM (particulate matter) emissions. NOx emissions will be reduced by more than 80% significantly below the IMO Tier III limit. The energy efficiency of the HyMethShip system is more than 45% better than the best available technology approach (renewable methanol as fuel coupled with conventional post-combustion carbon capturing). The HyMethShip system innovatively combines a membrane reactor, a CO2 capture system, a storage system for CO2 and methanol as well as a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine into one system (see figure 1). The proposed solution reforms methanol to hydrogen, which is then burned in a conventional reciprocating engine that has been upgraded to burn multiple fuel types and specially optimized for hydrogen use. The basic engine type is the same as the one currently used on the majority of ships. The proposed project will develop this system further and integrate it into ship-board installations.
Effective start/end date1/07/1831/12/21


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