EU - IPCity - Integrated Project on Interaction and Presence in Urban Environments

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The scientific and technological research aim of the IPCity project is to investigate analytical and technological approaches to presence in real life settings. Analytically this includes extending the approaches to presence accounting for the participative and social constitution of presence, the multiplicity and distribution of events in time and space. Technologically, this translates into developing portable environments for on-site configuration, mobile and light-weight mixed reality interfaces with the ambition to weave them into "the fabric of everyday life". Methodologically, this calls for moving "out of the lab" with field trials in real settings, applying a triangulation of disciplines and methods for evaluation. These range from interpretative-ethnographic to quasi-experimental approaches and include cognitive science, social-psychological, and cultural-anthropological disciplines. The vision of the IPCity project is to provide citizens, visitors of a city, as well as professionals involved in city development or the organisation of events with a set of technologies that enables them to collaboratively envision, and debate emerging developments and happenings, to experience experimental, past and future views of their local urban environment, and to discover new aspects of their city. The objectives of IPCity are, therefore, to create an infrastructure which facilitates new ways of presence and interaction in mixed reality environments within the context of urban environments. This includes To elaborate and extend analytical frameworks of presence, including the social and participative constitution of presence, the simultaneous occurrence and distributed character of events in space, and working with multiple temporalities (past, present and future). To develop portable environments, which are adaptable onsite and that support group collaboration. To develop mobile and lightweight mixed reality for public participation supporting situated content creation and community building, shared experiences and collaborative discovery and gaming. This will foster the perception of different forms of presence more attuned with experiences in everyday life. In IPCity the achievement of these objectives will be driven by their close relation to a set of showcases, which will use the developed technologies and demonstrate how those can be used to support a large variety of application services within the context of urban environments. The showcases include urban renewal projects, large scale events, and explorative edutainment applications. "IPCity Website"
Effective start/end date1/01/0631/03/10


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