EU - IWM-WODOMI - Workflow and Document Management Infrastructure towards Integrated University

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The wider objective of the project is to establish a sustainable web based network system to be used as an interoperable environment for University workflow and document management and will lead towards implementation of integrated University concept and goals recommended by Bologna process. The sustainable web based network system will enable equal opportunities and multilingual approach. The appropriate ICT infrastructure will enable transparent and easy access to all University workflow activities and documents. To realize this wider objective we will learn from the experiences other EU universities have faced, how they resolved them and what new problems they have faced. The proposed activities will produce deliverables used by all beneficiary universities and will help implement the Bologna process and enter EHEA. To accomplish these outcomes we assume a good cooperation between partners and use of EU partners support and experience. This project will result with a new sustainable strategic and reform capacity system that will enable services not only for all HE institutions, but to all interested students and community at all. This project has innovative characteristics that will enable open public and multilingual access, transparency in workflow activities, compatible to EU standards. It will function as a portal that will enable dynamic database system and will give a possibility for updated structured information, document flow and tracking of workflow activities. We propose a system that will make all HE institutions meet the standards set by EU, integrated environment and easy transfer to and from other institutions, and establish an infrastructure for integrated University implementation.
Effective start/end date1/09/0631/08/09


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