EU - N-TOSSIE - Towards Sustainable Sugar Industry in Europe

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Sugar and its main by-products (beet pulp and molasses) being used for direct consumption and also in the food & drink industry and animal feed production, are of strategic importance to human nutrition. Moving away from strict protection of the EU sugar market, the EC tends to reduce sugar price and admit sugar imports from least developed countries. To satisfy consumer needs in a sustainable manner at changed market conditions, new ideas on production technology, engineering & management are needed for the restructuring of the sugar sector, which is of major importance to the EU economy. Regarding competitiveness, safety and environmental impact of beet processing, results are available of recent research including EU-funded projects on: - alternative process technologies to improve manufacturing efficiency and eliminate environmental risks, and improve utilisation of by-products using biotechnology, - engineering and management tools for optimising the efficiency of raw material use, utilisation of by-products and energy & water use, - selection of innovative process structures for optimal, with regard to sustainability requirements, utilisation of the whole potential of renewable resources taking into account the complete value chain from raw material generation, transportation, conversion to intermediate products, to generation of marketable goods. This project follows the Council Decision 2002/834/EC recommending the work on, among others, "individual and comparative assessment of safety, environmental impact and competitiveness aspects of different production methods and foodstuffs". Research results from the three areas mentioned above will be disseminated and discussed in pursuit of the objectives of FOOD Priority, and in particular working out strategy for competitiveness and environmental friendliness of the sugar sector, and initiating a Technology Platform.
Effective start/end date1/05/0631/05/08


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