EU - O-BIOASH - Ash and aerosol related problems in biomass combustion and co-firing

Project: Research project

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The project focuses on R&D concerning ash related problems in biomass combustion and co-firing of biomass in coal fired plants. The main objectives of the project will be to investigate the release of ash forming compounds from biomass fuels in fixed-bed and pulverised fuel combustion systems, to determine presently not available thermodynamic data concerning the melting behaviour of Na, Zn and Pb-rich ashes, to further develop simulation tools for aerosol and deposit formation and to develop and test a new technology for efficient and cost effective aerosol precipitation in small-scale biomass combustion units. The project will also investigate the influence of particulate emissions from biomass combustion and co-firing plants on the regional air quality and parameters influencing health effects caused by these emissions.
Effective start/end date1/03/0428/02/07


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