EU - OFELIA - Open Fan for Environmental Low Impact of Aviation

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OFELIA is a Project, which deals with "Ultra Efficient Propulsion" for short and short-medium-range aircraft. The following topics shall be dressed: • Demonstrate one engine architecture compatible with SR/SMR aircraft architecture. • Fuel-efficiency improvement of no less than 20% at the engine level, with a quantified reduction in installed TSFC (if applicable), CO2 and all other relevant GHG emissions, and full adaptability to 100% (non-blended) SAF. • Activities are expected to achieve TRL 5 by the end of the project. • Synergies with other EC/CAJU initiatives/programs are expected. A number of top-level goals will be the basis for performance targets. • No less than a 20% reduction in fuel burn and related emissions at an overall propulsion system level • Engine/installed performance compliant with the aircraft performance • The target of 30% fuel burn reduction (to be extended as much as possible to a target of 30% GHG emissions reduction at aircraft level • All noise and emission levels resulting from the projects are consistent with currently foreseen regulations and standards. • Weight constraints of the overall propulsion system so as to minimize the propulsion weight ratio to the operation empty weight. • Compatible with safety as an overarching requirement. The task of TU-Graz is to study and evaluate novel turbine architectures for these highly efficient aircraft designs. In particular, the large-scale test rigs, which are unique in Europe, will be used.
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/12/25


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