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PASCAL is a FP6 Network of Excellence within the 6th Framework Programme for research and technological development of the EU. The theme of the network is the confluence of pattern analysis, statistical modelling, computational learning and large-scale optimization to create new and very powerful methods for analyzing large quantities of sensed or warehoused data. Pascal will consolidate this effort, providing a core of top-ranking young researchers with in-depth training in this emerging discipline, and further breaking down interdisciplinary barriers by allowing focused research attacks on key "watershed" issues to be funded. Topics covered will include: computational learning theory for adaptive systems and for problems with many overlapping classes; the relationship between Bayesian and frequentist learning; optimization methods for large-scale statistical modelling and learning problems; advanced kernel based methods for visual object detection, speech analysis, and text/web mining; and learning based approaches to user modelling and data fusion.
Effective start/end date1/12/0329/02/08


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