EU - REINDEER - REsilient INteractive applications through hyper Diversity in Energy Efficient RadioWeaves technology

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The REINDEER project will develop a new smart connect-compute platform with a capacity that is scalable to quasi-infinite, and that offers perceived zero latency and interaction with an extremely high number of embedded devices. It will thereto develop “RadioWeaves” technology, a new wireless access infrastructure consisting of a fabric of distributed radio, computing, and storage resources. RadioWeaves can be deployed as panels mounted on walls and ceilings. It brings a large number of antennas and intelligence close to devices offering consistently excellent service at minimal transmit power and making very efficient usage of network bandwidth and energy. Technologically, RadioWeaves advance the ideas of large-scale intelligent surfaces and cell-free wireless access, two theoretical concepts that bear great promise to offer capabilities far beyond 5G networks.
Effective start/end date1/01/2130/06/24


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