EU - RISE FREE - Reaching for Inclusiveness and Improved Skills through ICT-enabled Education, fostering Refugees´ Employability and Entrepreneurship

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The main goal for the planned SMF project is to prepare competitive and comprehensive proposals for the EU funded project to submit under H2020 call or similar large-scale transnational calls (e.g Interreg SI-AT cooperation programme Austria-Slovenia, Interreg Central Europe, AMIF, DG calls). In relation to this, the SMF project aims to develop a strategic and transnational project that builds on the project DRIM's (Danube Region Information Platform for Economic Integration of Migrants) main outputs, specifically a) Danube Compass information platform with information designed specifically for migrants and public authorities working with migrants in the region, as well as b) Strategy for effective information sharing for migrants in the Danube region. The objective of this SMF project is to prepare a proposal that will use the vast database collected for Danube Compass information platform (information for migrants in 8 countries and 12 migrant languages) and create an interactive format that allows upgrading of skills of users aiming to improve employability and entrepreneurial abilities of our main target groups (refugees and migrants). By developing a technologically advanced information dissemination tool that will be more user-oriented (through personalized content recommendations) we want to establish a sustainable ICT-tool for efficient interaction between public authorities and private users (by including concepts like "wisdom of the crowd"). The main planned activities of the SMF project are to prepare a plan how to reach an innovative yet sustainable output by finding ICT solutions for facilitating refugee integration through: - innovative learning and artificial intelligence systems - to build a multidisciplinary consortium (IT, knowledge providers, user researchers, NGOs, public authorities) - to prepare a viable and detailed budget that reflects the real needs of the partners to achieve the project goals.
Effective start/end date1/09/1830/08/19


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