EU - SUNREY - Boosting sustainability, reliability and efficiency of perovskite PV through novel materials and process engineering

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Perovskite PV are welcomed as an emerging technology for solar energy conversion, as today they afford high power conversion efficiency (PCE), higher than 25%. At the same time, perovskite semiconductors are based on abundant and low-cost starting materials and can be processed using simple and economic methods. The tuneable bandgap of the perovskite materials opens a lot of applications in a wide range of optoelectronic devices, even beyond solar cells. To ensure however economic feasibility and competitive levelized cost of electricity, the technology should offer long-term stability alongside high power conversion efficiency to match the reliability of silicon-wafer-based modules (the lifetime expectation for a PV module in a power plant is 20–25 years). At present, the long-term stability of lead halide perovskite modules does not meet this target and improvements are hampered by a lack of understanding of the cell and module failure modes. In addition to the intrinsic cell stability issues of perovskite PV, the usage of lead and scaling-up are the main challenges towards bringing perovskite technologies to the market.
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/25


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