EU-TEAM - Transferring knowledgE on Academic knowledge Management

  • Duschnig, Erwin (Co-Investigator (CoI))

Project: Research project

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The main objective of the TEAM proposal is to enable and cultivate a dynamic partnership and two-way transfer of knowledge between TUG as a public research institution with key competencies in knowledge management and semantic technologies and the two private commercial SMEs Mendeley and ELIKO with engineering expertise in developing commercial knowledge management solutions and products through the following measures: Exchange of know-how and experience through inter-sector two-way secondments of research staff of the participants in WP1-WP5. In total, there will be 138 PMs of secondments between TUG and Mendeley/ELIKO. Recruitment of experienced researchers from outside the partnership for 30 PMs to Mendeley and ELIKO in WP1 and WP3. Organisation of workshops, trainings, and summer schools to further facilitate sharing and exchange of knowledge and to cultivate the mutual partnership (T4.1, T5.1, T5.3, T7.2), Raising awareness outside of the consortium in WP6 to create complementarities and synergies with possible new partners. TEAM project is based on a research project with an objective to develop innovative knowledge and information management solutions in the form of a software and web application and an underlying database, based on semantics for automatically organizing, extracting, classifying, and discovering research papers and additional academic content.
Effective start/end date1/07/1030/06/14


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